NPE Hero

Our take on a guitar hero style game

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Gorgeous GUI

Looks good at any resolution

Included levels

Plenty of high quality included levels


A working score system and cool glowing blocks

Custom level themes

Level colors and backgrounds can be customized

Volume sliders

Volumes are saved and recalled when the game is restarted

Modular level system

The levels are stored in a logical file structure, levels can be easily shared and downloaded

Easily editable JSON files

Settings and metadata can be easily edited from the files

Level editing utility

Existing levels can be edited and new levels can be created using the included level utility

Future features

Features that were not included in the current build of the game

  • Hold notes
  • Pause button
  • Improved note editor
  • More included levles
  • MP3 file support
  • Keybinding menu
  • Optimize performance
  • Online leaderboard
  • Open Source

    All source code (including this website) and levels are avalible on our gitlab. This project is licenced under the MIT Licence